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Throwing a Trash-Tastic Garbage Truck Party: Tips and Tricks

Updated: Apr 25

Garbage trucks are a favourite for all kids from 2-5 years of age. To compliment the hire of our garbage truck prop, here are some easy, cheap and effective party ideas.

Party Games

Dumpster Diving

Collect recyclable rubbish at home for a few weeks, then wash out all the plastic containers, let them dry and then glue the lids closed. The rest I would hide with party lollies and small toys for the kids to hunt through and find. Our garbage truck prop comes with robot hands / grabbers, so they are good to use to get out rubbish.

Garbage truck party game Dumpster diving game recycabel rubbish game

Rubbish Tower

All the recyclable rubbish can then be reused for the next game "Rubbish Tower". See who can build the highest trash tower. This was a major hit and was played repeatedly. Make sure you get all different size and shape boxes. The cereal boxes are great for a base and then tubes like pringles are best for the top. Really anything you have.

Garbage truck party garbage truck games trash tower. Make the highest tower to win a prize.

Trash Crash

I used a cardboard cylinder from work, spray painted it and cut it into 6 equal pieces and stuck some pictures on them. Stack them up and knock them down with a ball or hacky sack.

Garbage truck party games trash toss

Rubbish Relay!

Our " Gutsy the garbage truck " prop comes with accessories that include several wheelie bins. Make teams and scatter the recyclable rubbish, use the robot hand/grabbers to collect the rubbish. You can add an obstacle course to it. It depends on the age of the children but in my experience the younger ones are just as happy to use the grabbers to collect the rubbish and put it in the bin and return it to Gutsy the garbage truck to process. If you do not have robot hands or grabbers use kitchen tongs.

Garbage truck party game, pick up rubbish , relay


Newspaper Tablecloth

Use newspaper to make a tablecloth. I just used packing tape to keep it together. It matches the theme and makes clean up super quick and easy. I stuck some pictures of rubbish trucks, the recycling logo and wheelie bins on the newspaper tablecloth. I left out some large paint markers for the kids to draw on the table as well. You can write some cute messages etc.

Newspaper bunting

Use the newspaper to cut out equal size triangles, I wrote "Happy Birthday" in different colours with paint markers on each bunting flag and stapled to some string.

Garbage truck decorations bunting flags. Happy Birthday banner

Garbage truck food storage

I washed out some garbage trucks and other trucks and used them to hold party food like popcorn, pretzels, sweets and fruit. Use what you have.

Wheelie Bins

I found these wheel bins that were actually in the office supplies section in Officeworks or a cheap Nic Nac shop. They are actually used for holding pens on a desk but used them to store cutlery on the party table. I bought a bigger one put a bin liner in it and the kids were happy to clean up after.

Use what you have at home, to make decorations.

Happy Party Prepping!


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