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"How to Make Easy and Affordable Enchanted Garden Kits for Your Fairy Party Favors"

Want something memorable and not more plastic as a party favor. I created these easy and affordable fairy garden kits. The guests can make it at the party or take it home as a party favor.

Things you will need:

  • 20 cms/8 inch planter dish

  • Garden soil

  • Mini plants (indoor or outdoor in part shade)

  • Decorative pebbles

  • Green Moss Foliage

  • Accessories including fairy house, fairy, unicorn, mushrooms, bees, butterflies etc.

I used 20 cm planter dishes but can use a bigger or smaller dish. I did not put a drainage hole in the bottom as wanted to keep in indoors. I filled one with garden soil and then emptied into a measuring jug, so I knew exactly how much was needed. I had clear bags that I filled with garden soil.


I used plants such as any succulents, Hypoestes and Lobellia. I purchased one punnet of Hypoestes and Lobella in various distinctive colours and propagated them. It was an easy and cost-effective way. Below are instructions on how to propagate succulents and other plants used.

Fairy Garden decorative accessories

Fairy garden accessories are very popular so can be sourced from the local variety store etc. I went to the local craft shop, which stocks craft items like wood lady beetles and bees. They are reasonably priced at approximately $2.50 for a packet of 25. The spring moss foliage was approximately $3.00 and I divided it into small bags. The mini decorative pebble for a 2kg bag at Bunnings was only approximately $8. I filled up bags with the decorative pebble. The accessories I included were wood lady beetles and bees, mini gnomes, fairies, trolls, animals, dinosaurs etc. I made sure I had a variety of accessories to suit every child.

I put all the fairy garden items into this cute brown paper gift bag that I personalized. I included a thank you note and iIt is a lovely party favor that the kids can take home and care for. Alternatively, it is a great party activity.

Happy Party Prepping!

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