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"How to Throw the Ultimate Fortnite Nerf Party: Tips and Tricks for a Gaming Blast!"

Updated: Apr 5

Fortnite skins and gun shop. Use V bucks to purchase skins , guns and ammo.
Fortnite skins and gun shop.

To celebrate my son's birthday, I threw him a Fortnite Nerf party in the back yard.

I incorporated the Fortnite dress up / skins idea with Nerf guns.

Fortnite Skins Dress UP

I put together heaps of costumes and accessories for the kids to dress up in. I gathered hats, wigs, masks, fake moustaches, bow ties and funny glasses. I made a Fortnite skins shop out of an old clothes rack.

Variety of dress up / costume accessories like hats, masks, wigs , glasses etc
Fortnite Skins accessories like hats, wigs, masks , glasses etc

Fortnite skids shop. Get creative and offer costumes , hats , masks , glasses etc . Can buy with V bucks
Fortnite skins shop

Fortnite skids shop. Get creative and offer costumes , hats , masks , glasses etc . Can buy with V bucks
Forntite Nerf Skins/ Dress up

I made Fortnite shields from carboard boxes that were a big hit.

I also bought bundles of nerf guns from Facebook marketplace and bought some spare cheap nerf bullets from Amazon. When I picked the guests up from school, they got a Fortnite bag that contained V Bucks and a pair of safety glasses. The V bucks they could use to buy different skins/ costumes and accessories from the Fortnite skin shop.

Fortnite Nerf guns and ammo. Loads of bullets
Fortnite Nerf guns and accessories

Fortnite Nerf guns and ammo. Loads of bullets
Fortnite Nerf guns


I went to the local landscape shop and got some old pallets that I pegged into the ground with stakes and attached bunting flags to make them easier to see.

I was able to get large truck engine boxes from work, so I repurposed them into different kinds of forts (from low to the ground sniper type forts to larger ones that they could stand and shoot). I had some old laptop boxes with handles that I made shields out of.

Fortnite nerf forts , different sizes made out of truck engine boxes
Fortnite Nerf forts

Target Practice

We made a series of different target practice stations. The first one with spinning targets was made by cutting holes in the box to fit the targets, put a skewer into a straw and affix to the target and attach the straw to either side of the cutout, so the target will rotate once hit. We attached a small weight (like a ball of blue tack on the target so it would rotate and return to its original position.

The second was made from plastic party cup and string and affixing targets on them.

The last was plastic cups with prizes inside covered in tissue paper and held in position with a rubber band. The cups were attached to a box using a hot glue gun. Shoot the bullet and break the tissue paper to get the prize.

Target practice , made out of boxes , cups and tissue paper. Use spray paint to give that cammo look.
Fortnite Nerf Target Practice

Cake and Food

I made a TARGET cake which was so easy and quick. I decorated a sponge cake with M & M's in coloured circles to make the target and put Kit Kats around the outside, and stuck a large nerf bullet in the centre.

Everyone was so busy in the nerf wars that I made platters of easy grab and dash snacks like vegemite/cheese and ham/cheese scrolls, fruit, pretzels and some lollies. We also did a sausage sizzle.

Overall it was a big hit, we had several more weeks of nerf gun play after school and as I managed to sell all the unwanted nerf guns and bullets it was very cost effective.

Easy target cake
Target cake

Happy Party Prepping !!!

We hire out party prop for kids birthday parties
Party Props 4 Tiny Tots

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